Founded in 1985, Omega Technology is an experienced and well known company in IT services in Greece. The Company serves Greek public bodies, enterprises and other organizations with technology and services made possible by the 32 years of experience. 

Solutions provided include 3D applications, assisted living solutions, e-commerce applications, e-learning platforms, document and knowledge management systems, tailor made applications for people with disabilities. 

The company additionaly offers and a broad range of management and services including consulting, research and development, digitization, annotation and preservation of content, hardware supply and installation and technical support. The company is in close cooperation with the Academic society, running several R&D projects. The company is also active in the field of employability and enterpreneurship running R&D projects with Institutes, Prefectures, Municipalities, Chambers, Local authorities and departmental organizations. Omega Technology is also conducting research and market validation projects in cooperation with several other RTD performers and market oriented organizations in European Level. In Greece, the company has over 500 active clients running it’s Products (CRM, Document Management, e-shops, etc).


GoalsOur goal is to provide high quality services to our customers. 

The philosophy of Omega Technology focuses on providing modern and integrated solutions.

The company is divided in the following departments: 

Department of software development 

Department of suppor

  - Helpdesk 

  - Consulting Services 

  - Training 

Department of Sales and Marketing 

Department of research and development 

Department of quality control



It is a modern stablishement with all the required equipment for the company's activities.


The company's premises of 450 m2 is located near the center of athens, 20 minutes from Acropolis..



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